Suarez’s hand of sod and the rules

For the first time, and quite possibly the last, I’ve written that an action in a football match erred on the side of a utilitarian rather than a deontological (in the strictest Kantian sense) decision. Well, that and other stuff.

Luis Suarez’s handball on the line in the dying moments of Uruguay’s quarter final against Ghana struck me as fascinating in so many ways that I sat down and wrote a rather large essay on it.

That essay can be found at Pitch Invasion. It contains ruminations on moral philosophy and football, economics and football, and what the sport can learn from rules from other sports.

Unsurprisingly, it says a bit more than just Ghana woz robbed.

One thought on “Suarez’s hand of sod and the rules

  1. Awarding penalty goals I think will be a step too far for FIFA, let’s see what happens with goal line technology first, Suarez is without a doubt is a cheat, but out of all the millions who saw Frank Lampard’s goal cross the line, Manuel Neuer was the closest to the ball that night but didn’t say anything, that hardly puts him up for the World Cups fair play award.

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