Devonly good nosh

If you’re the type of chap, or lady, who reads newspapers you’ll be aware of something called the credit crunch. If you’ve not come across this catchy piece of alliteration before, essentially it means there’s less cash floating around so we all have to recycle our socks, make do with stickyback plastic rather than gaffer tape, use cardboard boxes for shoes, give up at least one child for adoption (or else risk them getting repossessed) and take our holidays in Blighty.

I’ve just booked my first holiday abroad for around ten years. I clearly don’t read newspapers enough.

Roast Squash Lasagne (Coffee and PC: The Best Bits 2)

Below is the recipe I’ve spent the best part of the day cooking and then eating, and very nice it is too. This is a great alternative to serve to vegetarians and I’ve yet to find a meat eater who hasn’t polished off their plate either. This was first posted God knows how many moons ago at C&P.

Roast Squash Lasagne:

(serves four)