So, I was going to write stuff, yeah…

And I’ve got a whole of host posts in my draft folder to prove it.

But then:

1. I got very busy with work.

2. I’ve been feeling a bit run down and not great.

3. I finally had the root canal done. This morning. Thank God for neurofen.

4. Tonight was provisionally pencilled in to do household chores, relaxing and blogging. But then a friend of mine mentioned her new flat didn’t have a working cooker.

If there’s one piece of pain I truly feel after spending three months with a barely functioning Baby Belling, it’s being without cooking space.

The appointment is at tooth hurty

I view it as karma of sorts. For the vast majority of my life I’ve avoided any kind of teeth-related problems. I brush well, I floss, I use mouthwash, I avoid sugar as much as possible. Dentist check-ups used to last about 30 seconds before sending me off with a clean bill of health. And although I’d never gloat, I did feel slightly smug when friends would list the fillings they’d gone through.

Bad me.

Then three months ago, I broke a tooth, which then got infected and I got my first experience of root canal surgery. Woo.